Network Security

Did you know 70% of all network threats come from inside? Let Hagan deliver a tailor-made security solution to fit your unique security needs!


As network security threats grow more advanced by the day, protecting your company’s systems and data becomes more challenging. Many businesses settle for traditional security components – firewall, anti-virus, spam filter – all of which focus on deterrence and prevention from external threats.


Yes, more than 70% of all cyber security incidents today are the result of internal security issues that no firewall, anti-virus or malware device could have prevented. What you need is a technology solution that detects these exploits, before they become a problem. What you need is Cyber Hawk from Hagan Business Machines!


Hagan chose Cyber Hawk because it was created for businesses who want to identify potential cyber threats on their network that would otherwise go undetected.

Hagan will not only make sure traditional security practices, and components — such as updating, patching, firewall, malware, and anti-virus are in place and running smoothly —we also provide unique security services that go beyond standard technologies to ensure your internal cybersecurity remains intact and hardened.


Our industry-leading internal security alerting solution takes into account your security policies and intelligently identifies suspicious anomalies, changes, and threats.

Also, our analysis engine examines multiple data points and notifies you of security issues caused by unusual user behavior and network misconfigurations.


Let Hagan deliver a tailor-made security solution to fit your unique security needs!

Hagan Business Machines offers custom security solutions, built for your business, based on your individual needs. We will review your current security policies, work hand-in-hand with you to optimize them (or create a set if they don’t already exist), and then install software that scans and detects internal as well as external vulnerabilities.


Can your current security tools do this?

Catch unauthorized logins/attempts to restricted computers

Identify new user profiles suddenly added to the business owner’s computer

Find a newly installed application on a locked down system

Get alerted to unauthorized wireless connections to the network

Notice that a new user was just granted administrative rights

Detect initial nighttime log-ins by a day-time worker

Find sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and birth dates stored on machines where they don’t belong.


How does it work?

Hagan will monitor and review your network’s security daily, making sure you’re protected. A comprehensive security-as-a-service solution should include ongoing internal vulnerability detection, configuration change alerting, and a heads-up to anomalous user behavior and other types of unusual or suspicious activity.


Our 6 Step Process:

1 Conduct a risk assessment

2 Review network and security risks

3 Develop a management and remediation plan

4 Set up cybersecurity policies

5 Create your 360° ongoing security solution that detects internal threats, and regularly tests for internal and external vulnerabilities.

6 Set up regular reporting. Based on your level of service, we will create monthly, quarterly, or annual reports.


Hagan Business Machines offers a custom security solution, built for your business, based on your individual security needs. We will review your current security policies, work hand-in-hand with you to optimize them (or create a set), and then install cybersecurity software that scans and detects internal as well as external vulnerabilities.


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