Customer Benefits

What Doing Business With A PROS Elite 100 Dealer Means to YOUHagan Business Machines | Pros Elite 100 Award

 ►Doing business with the office products company, in your local market, that has been recognized as the most admired for its Service Culture by its customers and by the nation’s Service benchmark execution specialist, PROs.

►The knowledge that the Hagan Business Machines agreed to have its level of Service results continuously monitored and audited by the PROs proprietary Performance Improvement Virtual Operations Tool (PIVOT) to insure consistency of Service delivery to Hagan Business Machines' Customers.

►The knowledge that the Hagan Business Machines must earn certification through demonstrated service excellence, year after year, to retain this Elite Service status.

►Hagan Business Machines' service staffing is audited by PROs to insure that it is properly staffed and trained to industry productivity standards to deliver the level of Service they commit to their customers.

►Performance of the equipment they lease or purchase is at or above reliability standards for the equipment they select.

►Uptime in excess of 95 % that results from the dedication to technician training and Servicing techniques audited by PROs.

►Assurance that the product you select and the applications you expect to operate will operate to your satisfaction.

►The knowledge that Hagan Business Machines has made significant investment in training its Service Management organization and employee base in Elite Service practices.

►Investment in Spare parts availability management techniques that insures Hagan Business Machines has the right parts on hand for 92% of all calls.

►A locally owned dealer, with local dispatch, local spare parts support, local warehousing and complete account management capabilities. This combined with their employees’ service expertise and support tools, in the opinion of the Office Products Industry’s Benchmark co-authors, is superior to Manufacturer direct organizations and Mega dealerships.

►A third party customer advocate in any dispute that occurs between the PROs Elite 100 dealer and the customer. PROs an independent organization whose reputation is built on assuring Customer delight.

►Hagan Business Machines will have access to continuous improvement practices of the Best 100 Office Products Dealers in the United States.

►A Certified Expert in Managed Print Services to insure their companies entire digital output is managed to perfection.


Steve Rolla of PROs Elite Group names Hagan Business Machines of Meadville, Inc. as one of the top 100 office product servicing dealers in the United States. The PROs Elite 100 Award Ceremony at The Movies at Meadville - March 10, 2011