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IT Services & Computer Networking Solutions for Mercer, PA & Beyond

Think about your business. Are you a small business that does not have your own IT support in-house and needs the help of a reliable team? Are you a mid-sized business that currently has an onsite IT staff, but needs the additional support and expertise to complement your team’s current initiatives?

At Hagan, we are there as a trusted partner and IT expert for your business. We provide the managed network services (MNS) you need to keep your business running smoothly. As one of the most reliable service providers in the local area, Hagan provides an appropriate level of service according to your needs. Our main goal is to provide transparent, easily budgeted services that will help small businesses grow and prosper using technology as a catapult to jump over larger competitors, not as a wall that would keep them small.

Hagan makes it easy by offering a suite of a la carte services to meet the needs of your small to mid-sized business as necessary, including:

What is my potential cost savings?

  • Due to the importance that our businesses have placed on our information storage and retrieval, we have placed ourselves in a precarious position of being dependent on computers to perform even the simplest of business processes like invoicing or communicating with our customers. If our network goes down, this disruption to our business operations would add up to hundreds or thousands very quickly, and could result in lost sales in a matter of minutes in this very competitive economy. By proactively managing this function, these costs and the soft cost of workers not being able to do “their job” can be avoided altogether.
  • Many small businesses do not back up critical data or do it only monthly, exposing their business to costly data collection processes costing up to thousands in case of server failure. Automated and monitored cloud backup and disaster recovery services are a set-and-forget plan that business owners can depend on to securely and safely protect their most important business data in case of disaster.

What are the core service elements of Hagan managed network services?

    Issues that could shut down a customer network are discovered in advance and preventative measures are offered.
    Remove the high cost and space requirements needed to manage in house data backup services and exchange. Email service is moved to the cloud, which cuts cost and needed management time. Easily scale needed resources without having to purchase hardware and licenses to do so, all on a monthly payment that is easily budgeted.
  3. HaaS - (Hardware as a Service)
    Our MNS customers can add or upgrade their servers, workstations, laptops, or network hardware without having to write a large check. New hardware can be added and billed monthly, allowing you to keep an optimized hardware upgrade schedule in place and easily budget for it over time.

Managed Computer Networking Services for Grove City, PA & Greenville, PA 

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