Our Hagan machine does everything and does it well. We print hundreds of color posters throughout the school year, table tents, postcards, etc. for our Spotlight Series on our new copier. The quality is top-notch and the machine is cost- and time-efficient for us. Although we have two printers in the office, they seldom get used. We can now run most everything on our new copier. Another bonus is the ability to print from our computers directly to the copier. Wow, talk about quality printing and saving time! Our next two goals are to learn how to use the scanner program on the copier (and eliminate two scanners from the office - opening up space!), and to utilize the fax program also available on our machine (again allowing us to eliminate another machine and make more work space). You have to appreciate a machine that allows you to consolidate several machines and programs into one - a time saver and money saver that produces a quality product. Thanks for talking us into this machine! Remember, we thought we could get by with a little table top model that ran single copies. Thank goodness you know your business so well and can help an office gauge what they really need.
University of Pittsburgh at Titusville
Area Shopper

"We have over thirty printers at our facility that need to be operational 24/7 in a manufacturing environment. Hagan Business Machines’ new Cost-per-Print, Print Management Service has cured the majority of our headaches that come from maintaining all this equipment. Keeping these printers stocked with paper and label stock, toner cartridges and serviced in a manner that enables them to stay up and running is made a lot easier using Hagan’s service. They keep our printers functioning with expert maintenance and on-demand toner replacement, all while saving us money over how we had been doing it.”

OMG Americas - Franklin Plant

For Faith Builders the big issue has been freeing up the IT staff from wasting time on printer problems. The Hagan PrintSmart Print Management Program has helped us reach that goal. The Hagan service has been a great benefit as well. Faith Builders would definitely recommend Hagan PrintSmart Print Management Program as a way to save the IT department time and your business money.

Faith Builders Educational Programs

“I have been very happy with the service I have received with the print management program. I have never had a problem with Hagan’s that they didn’t go above and beyond to make it right. Hagan’s service has always been top of the line. I would recommend Hagan’s for your print management needs.”

Crawford Central School District
Charter Plastics purchased a copier/fax machine from Hagan and could not be more pleased with it. We do our catalogues in house and the quality and color is remarkable. Hagan Business Machines has a qualified friendly staff that cannot be beat. I can honestly say I have never had such great service. It is a real pleasure doing business with them.
Charter Plastics, Inc.
“The Re-rite in our office has benefited every department in our operation from ad creation to news stories.  Most of our community announcements, student news and editorials are submitted via mail which means retyping all of it.  With the Re-Rite, our reporters save hours on typing.  The graphics and classified departments utilize it in much the same with ad creation, scanning auction ads and legal notices.  It has really made a huge impact in saving time and has proven to be very accurate in reading as well.”
The Meadville Tribune
With the copy machine I use now, I can do so much that it actually inspires me to do more work for my job and to do it better than I thought I could. The people on the phone are awesome too. They answer my questions and if they can not explain something over the phone they quickly come out to help. I recommend Hagan because they are professionals at what they do
Cornerstone Church of God
The staff at PNDC has been very pleased to date with the Toshiba E2500c copier and especially with the Hagan staff. From the initial meeting with Brent Gaidosh to the installation and training, our experience with Hagan has once again been very positive.  Our second round of training was on April 16th with Matt  Larson.  The staff at PNDC tends to ask a lot of questions and our copier training was no exception.  On a rare occasion if Matt did not have the exact answer, he would walk through steps to make sure that he would determine the answer.  He was very patient with us and we greatly appreciated his patience.  When our outside information technology consultant was performing modifications on our server and affected the Re-Rite, Matt took the necessary steps to resolve the issues within 24 hours.  His calm demeanor and professionalism are apparent in every communication.  We would not hesitate to call him and are thankful that he is our technical contact at Hagan.
Penn-Northwest Development Corp.
“What a great program! Have a problem with your printer? Call Hagan and there will be a knowledgeable service person at your doorstep within hours! No more waiting for days while your printer is down. Need printer supplies? Call Hagan and they will be delivered the next day! No more searching the internet or driving to office suppliers for your printer needs. I would recommend the PrintSmart program to any business that wants to save downtime, money, employee hours and your sanity!”
The Riverside Inn
“We have been using the Hagan Business Machines Managed Printer Program for a few years. What a great service at no added cost! We simply purchase our printer cartridges from them (for less than we were paying before), and they service our printers. We simply pay for any parts, if necessary. The service they provide is always superior. The technicians are able to clean, repair and service machines with a very quick response time. I would highly recommend Hagan Business Machines as a business partner to any business.”
Galaxy Federal Credit Union
“Prior to Re-Rrite, we kept cabinets of paper files.  It took a long time to locate the exact file folder and sort through the file. With Re-Rite we scan paper forms into an electronic format.  The electronic form allows easy on-line searching and retrieval of the information.  It’s improved our office’s efficiency, while enhancing the timeliness of our customer service.”
EMMCO West, Inc.
When we call for supplies, they are shipped promptly; if we need service on our equipment, someone comes right out. You have a very knowledgeable and courteous staff. Your products and services are top of the line, and your prices are quite competitive. Your employees are very proud of their company as it shows in their outstanding work ethics and attitudes! Thank you for your many years of wonderful services!
Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union
Hagan Business Machines has earned our trust and loyalty over the years, based on the service they provide. When we call Hagan, we can depend on the fact that we will receive service that is reliable and friendly, with no pressure. Hagan has excellent customer service that helps ensure that we can provide the level of service our customers have come to expect from us. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of office equipment. They are a valuable and dependable member of the Meadville business community.
T.L. Robertson Insurance
The YWCA of Oil City has been a customer with Hagan Business Machines for well over 10 years. As far back as I am able to track our copiers have been purchased through Hagan. Over the years we have upgraded copiers and have always received excellent service both on the purchasing end and with maintenance. We have encountered very few problems with any of our copiers (short of general care). Anytime we contact Hagan for service work a technician is sent promptly. We depend on our copier for all of our printing needs, so the prompt and reliable service that Hagan provides is more than appreciated. Our copiers, maintenance agreements, service work and supplies are always fairly priced. This is an important aspect to all businesses and particularly for those of us that are non-profit. Most importantly we have always received professional and friendly service from everyone at Hagan Business Machines. Whether we are calling for supplies, asking questions, requesting service or providing a copy count we have been treated with exceptional care. I would highly recommend Hagan Business Machines to anyone needing this type of service.

I am very pleased with the full color brochures that I am able to print, fold and staple using the e-Studio unit. I am now able to customize each piece as needed. My clients and prospects appreciate this extra attention that they have been given. Should a problem develop, we are confident in the staff of Hagan and know that a trained service technician will be taking care of the problem as soon as possible. I look at our relationship with Hagan as being a win-win-win relationship with the winners being our clients, our staff and of course Hagan.

ChipBLASTER has been using Hagan copiers since 1994, we still are using the original copier that we purchased. We since have added another copier. Their service and sales staff are great!
Meadville, PA
“I love the ReRite scanning conversion feature. Networked to everyone’s computer, it saves our office so much time.”
Bush Financial Group
The best part about Hagan is our salesman, although the service tech is a great guy as well. So overall I would say - super employees, great customer service and dependable Toshiba products makes Hagan a winner with us.
Oil City Housing Authority
Satisfying the needs and desires of six attorneys is never easy, however, Hagan Business Machines has been able to provide the consultation, recommendations, equipment and service in a professional manner. Jay and his staff were able to educate the firm members on the appropriate equipment and technology mix to satisfy the needs of the office. The recommendations and equipment have proven to be the right fit and, in addition, when service is needed it has been provided in an expeditious and qualified manner. Finally, Jay and Hagan Business Machines are committed to this community through time and financial commitment to numerous worthwhile endeavors.
Shafer Law Firm

Our synod office has been in existence since 1987. We purchased our first copier from Hagan and have been purchasing all our copy equipment from Hagan for the past 17 years! We recently leased a Toshiba e-STUDIO 4511 Copier that does everything except make coffee! This particular machine has paid for itself in the staff hours it has saved. It can copy, fold, staple and collate 375 copies of a 20 page newsletter in about half the time it takes a person assigned to that task.

Reliability, service and repair are critical. If a piece of equipment goes down, as you well know, progress stops. This is why we rely on Hagan Business Machines for all of our office machine needs. Their service, repair and response time is the best we have seen.
Associated Contractors
In all the years I have been working with Hagan Business Machines, I have never had a single complaint. They have assisted me in choosing the correct equipment for each office needs, helped me relocate equipment when we have moved offices to larger spaces, and always provided prompt and efficient service and supply delivery. They have always gone over and above on their customer service. The range of equipment is impressive. After doing extensive price comparisons on copy machines and fax machines, I have not found better prices for the quality received.
Community Resources for Independence
Hagan did a very professional, informative and fun installation. They did explain the machine and answered many questions for us. I am not surprised as, I am sure you are not, of the high standards of your staff, as it comes from the top. I have always been very happy with how Hagan has treated me as a customer from top management to the techs and everyone in between. You have an outstanding product, staff and company standards that is present whenever I deal with Hagan. I tell my people about my experience with both your product and your staff every chance I get. I cannot believe everything this machine can do, it surely will make my job faster, easier and of the highest quality possible.
Meadville Area Recreation Complex

It is so refreshing to find a company that still has the core customer values of a Mom and Pop establishment from the 1950's but with the technology of the 21st century. Thank you for demonstrating what customer service really means, taking care of your customers after the sale and choosing, such a genuinely knowledgeable and caring staff.

Law Office of Virginia Garris Sharp