MNS Testimonials

AREA SHOPPER: “We had a critical deadline that we could not miss, and we were going to print that day.  Hagan’s guys came within the hour and fixed our problem.  They saved the day!”— Lon Wilson

Byham’s Insurance Services: “As a business owner you really want someone to identify the issues, work to resolve them and then help us manage the way forward…Hagan did that for us.”— Jeff Byham,

Byham’s Insurance Services: “We are a Health Insurance provider, so our industry has been turned upside down these last few years.  Being a small employer, our employees wear many hats and our IT support person was an internal employee also responsible for several other job descriptions.  When the roll out of the Marketplace occurred last fall we experienced several issues, whether related to our internal system or the Marketplace Governmental  technical issues, I found myself having many frustrating “Tommy Boy” moments when I wanted to pull my hair out.  Since it is our busy time of year, our internal IT person was being pulled in several different directions and for the most part unavailable.   We knew some change would need to be made.  After meeting with John Farlik of Hagan Business Machines, we knew we found our partner.   We already had experience with their 1st rate service related to their business machine division, so we knew they would be there for us when the need arose.   They presented us with several packages of service levels.  Because some of our units were becoming outdated, they also offered to replace those units on lease and roll the service and lease costs into one manageable service contract.   This year has been much smoother and I believe it’s because of the back up support offered by the team at Hagans.  They are always just a phone call away should we run into a system problem.  Additionally, something that is difficult to measure in value, is how much Hagan’s have alleviated our staff to do what we do best, which is service our clients and be more productive in a long run.  I view our partnership with Hagan’s as a win/win.”—Carolyn Hall,

Gordon B. Garrett Funeral Home: “After Hagan stabilized our system for us we have had zero issues, and it’s nice to know that all our data is backed up securely.” – Jay Garrett

Luminous Water Solutions: “Our previous e-mail system used to freeze and time out after 5 minutes in the past, but now we’re able to be much more productive because of our hosted email solution through Hagan’s Managed Network Services.  Mobile applications and email is vital to our sales force, and will be more so in the future.” – Todd Peterman

Crawford County Visitors’ Bureau: “[Hagan] is always there when we need them and we appreciate it. The service they provide us is excellent and they are always willing to work with us to make us happy.  That is priceless.” – Juanita Hampton

Dog Cat Enterprises: “Hagan's team has done wonders for our small business. Their network services have allowed us to have an expert available & overseeing our networks without our business taking on another employee. Their services allow my staff to focus on their jobs without being distracted by IT issues. They also allow several rural locations to have services provided that previously could not and it is all done with very little downtime. What used to be a 3-hour drive for me to fix a problem is now a matter of a phone call. My job has become so much easier and our business has become more profitable with their help. Thank you all!”-- Jesse Shirey, DVM