Lexmark & Hagan have the App for you!

Lexmark's eTask Icons on the MFP touch screen make multi-step workflow processes a breeze.

CLINICAL ASSISTANT - Perform critical healthcare workflow functions with just one touch.

  • Scan to EMR (electronic medical records) scans directly into the patient's medical file
  • Forms on Demand saves time and money by eliminating pre-printed forms
  • Orders Routing enables electronic routing of physician's orders within the hospital, eliminating faxing
  • Card Copy scans each side of ID cards and prints them on one side of a single sheet of paper in enlarged view

EDUCATION STATION - a set of apps unique to the education industry.

  • Print Test enables teachers to print & grade tests on demand, eliminating the need for pre-printed bubble sheets
  • Grade Test provides immediate feedback to teachers on student comprehension
  • Scan to Classroom allows users to digitally archive documents and retrieve from the PC

Other industry specific sets of apps: CPA Partner, Dental Assistant, Insurance Agent, Legal Partner, Real Estate Agent
Or customize your equipment with only the apps you want: Forms on Demand, Card Copy, Scan to Network...
Remote Copy provides the ability to scan at the MFP and print the scanned document to a separate network printer (color).
Eco-Settings helps increase energy savings and reduce wasted pages and toner
Background Screen displays a company logo or personalized background image on the large color touch screen

Lexmark Retail Solutions for Golf
Create banners, flyers, course maps with daily pin placements, customized score cards and even weather forecasts.
Plus, you can create visually unique signage for special events, food service specials, tournaments or other unique opportunities.