Smart Solutions

For the healthcare, legal, education and finance industries, it is essential to protect the integrity of confidential company and customer information. In light of recent government mandates, security is one of the most important considerations for customers when purchasing document production equipment. Hagan Business Machines understands how important your intellectual property is to the success of your business. Therefore, we provide a variety of solutions to keep your information safe.

  • Toshiba’s e-Bridge SmartCard: The SmartCard identity card reader connects to your copier console via a high-speed USB port. This feature offers advanced security to eliminate unauthorized operation. The SmartCard reader allows for immediate authentication at customized levels of security and authorization.

  • FollowMe: FollowMe is an enterprise-scalable all-in-one tool for roaming and secure printing, as well as copying, emailing, faxing and scanning control. FollowMe features unique roaming capabilities that allow users to share output devices anywhere on the network without the loss of privacy and security. This feature can easily be combined with SmartCard authentication to securely and cost-effectively print documents.

  • Re-Rite Software: With Re-Rite software from Hagan Business Machines, you can instantly convert paper documents and files into fully editable and searchable digital files. You will be able to improve your organization and limit the amount of paper based files and storage space needed. Driven by Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Re-Rite software will save you time by scanning your paper files and quickly and accurately converting them to digital documents. Furthermore, you will be able to save your digital files in one of 16 different formats including PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word and MS Reader.

  • deskForm: deskForm is the complete personalized communication solution for cross-channel messaging for small organizations. It allows you to easily communicate both in print and electronically.

  • deskSystem: deskSystem is a community-based workflow and collaboration desktop application with intuitive document composition and editing. It allows users to quickly build documents from a wide range of file formats, form collaborative workgroup communities for sharing, approvals, signatures, and other processing tasks, and create personalized automated workflows and business processes.

  • deskRecord: deskRecord is a complete desktop document management system that allows users to quickly and intuitively file, search, retrieve, and share documents. It has all the advanced features required to completely manage all of your electronic documents needs.

  • docRecord: DocRecord is a powerful, low-cost, and easy-to-use electronic document management software solution that is both modular and scalable, allowing businesses to configure a solution that best fits their current business challenges and update it over time as requirements change.

  • e-BRIDGE Document Library: e-BRIDGE Document Library is an integrated document archiving tool optimized for the collection and storage of general business documents.

  • e-BRIDGE Re-Search: e-BRIDGE Re-Search is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement records management and eDiscovery software solution.

  • e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System: e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System allows you to instantly gather information from networked Toshiba multifunction systems throughout your company.

  • TopAccess: Link to TopAccess for advanced settings on Toshiba MFPs. TopAccess is a web-based job and device management tool that allows you to access information about this equipment over the Internet.

  • DocTransform: DocTransform is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that is designed to fix printing problems and adapt to a wide range of data and print streams.