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Technology is a strategic tool. Cloud computing is a tool that has great benefits to small businesses. It is a means of providing space, storage/backup, easy collaboration and more – all online granting anytime, anywhere access to necessary tools and information.

Cloud services save your business time and money as you allow Hagan, your trusted partner, to handle all steps and management for you.

  • No need to research applications and what hardware to run it on
  • No need to find and use up valuable storage, space and power in your data center
  • No need to hire additional IT staff to operate and manage your systems

Best of all, these services can all be bundled into one low monthly payment. Companies are increasingly paying for technology on a "monthly usage" basis. The cloud is built on an efficient model – pay as you go, pay for what you use. All of your would-be capital expenses are converted to a service fee.

The real cost of doing backup yourself is the cost of the continuous human management of such a system, plus the cost of replacing tapes/drives every 8 months. Keep these statistics regarding data loss in mind:

40% of all data loss is due to hardware failure
29% of all data loss is due to human error
13% is due to software error (corrupt files)
9% is due to theft
6% is from viruses
3% is from hardware destruction

Cloud Services features:

  • Online and local file backup
  • Continuous data protection and security
  • Network and database server backup
  • Email security
  • Data archiving
  • Disaster recovery
  • Implementation, management and monitoring

Hagan Business Machines provides affordable, customized IT solutions and world class support to our client base.
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